Thanks to SIBS innovativeness, Portugal has one of the most advanced payment system in the world.

With over three decades, SIBS’ Group provides, to over 300 million users in different countries, financial services that are recognized to be among the most modern, reliable and secure worldwide, namely in the payments arena.

It is an international reference and one of the largest payments processors in Europe and Africa, with almost three billion transactions exceeding 4.5 billion per year.

SIBS has a success story marked by innovation, having MULTIBANCO, MB NET and, more recently, MB WAY, as its most known brands, and as top case studies in payment arena.


Cards Processed
SIBS MULTIBANCO network is considered the largest in Europe in ATM per capita.
More than 90 operations are available at MULTIBANCO ATM and POS machines.
The 884 million transactions made in 2015, totaled 58,3 billion euros, enough to pay four times the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 and keep some yens for other expenses.
Globally, SIBS processed 2,7 bilion operations in the amount of 3.7 bilion euros, the same amount given by UE Solidarity Fund to the member-states during 10 years, to meet emergency needs driven by natural disasters
SIBS ATM Network allows the Portuguese to save every year 190 million hours.