Deadline 31 Jan 2017

The 3 phase program allows us and you to get a better feel of the fit between your startup and the program. It’s an evolutionary program that goes into greater depth as time moves on. Instead of relying only on a one-time pitch, we believe that a process is always better than an event to show your true potential. To do that we will select: 

. 25 startups for the bootcamp

. 10 startups for the acceleration phase

. The most promising startups will move towards integrating their solution and partnering with SIBS.

At each phase of the program we will assess the fit between the startups and the program in order to invite those that can clearly benefit the most from collaborating with SIBS.

We’ll be looking at how the team works together, how the product delivers value and what value is delivered, how sound is the business model, how the traction is building up and how can SIBS provide value in terms of market reach, client access, tech solutions and it’s vast in-house know-how on anything from financial, IT, big data and the list goes on.


3 April – 7 April 2017

The one week Bootcamp represents a strong and ambitious concept in the literal and inspirational dimension. We are using that week to figure out which of the 25 startups selected will exceed themselves, enhance their leadership skills and test their limits and management abilities, overall to see who’s moving forward with us.

This week is not only the first step into SIBSPayForward accelerator but it’s also valuable in itself as, even if you don’t go into the next phase of selection process, you will benefit from learning about LEAN innovation process, entrepreneurship tools & methodologies, first validation of product & value proposition. The best 10 move forward to a 2-month accelerator. The top ones get incubated after the acceleration program.


Apr – Jun 2017

A startup accelerator by SIBS, supported by Beta-i, that’s the best of both worlds: amazing mentoring & program meets the big-money clients, network and industry knowledge. The 10 startups that are going to be part of the accelerator will enjoy 8 weeks of individual coaching & pitch practice sessions, will have several workshops & mentoring sessions for product-market fit relevant within a week’s specific topic focus. Will also work on a roadmap for integration with SIBS solutions as well as benefit from the SIBS colaborators as key partners and mentors of the program, together with Beta-i’s network. This means network of 200+ mentors & 500+ startups, plus access to top events.

In fact, the access to real data from real customers in a real business is one of the most valuable aspects of the program, as it is also the possibility of work with the big-fish and increase your revenue. You’ll have free office space during acceleration and incubation, right in Lisbon’s business center.


2 June 2017

Pitch day is the one day that you have to present SIBS the solution your startup has been working on during 2 months of acceleration.


5 Jun – Dec 2017

The most promissing startups will have the priceless opportunity of integrating SIBS for 6 months and gain access to support services in order to fine-tune the final product.

Incubation at SIBS means way more than having the opportunity of sharing an office space with one of the top fintech companies in the world. It means having SIBS colaborators as your mentors, having access to the organization’s resources and tools.