4Stop future proofs businesses with a global set of KYC and Data provider and a fully scalable risk management suite.

Antelop builds HCE mobile application for banks, enabling their clients to digitize their MasterCard and Visa cards, and pay, in store, with their Android NFC mobile.

CollectAI digitalizes debt collection and automate their clients’ internal receivables management processes.

Crayonic has the first digital signature solution that guarantees the identity of the signatory while retaining the simplicity of signing with wet ink on paper using the Crayonic Pen.

DataSine proprietary technology builds personality profiles by analyzing transactional and biographical data, wich allows the companies to deliver personalized products and services and build loyalty.

Fraud Dynamics delivers optimized, sustainable detection algorithms that enable the clients to significantly improve financial crime detection rates while minimizing false positives.

GoNpay is the mobile eWallet (mobile phone application) and advanced platform for merchants with integrated loyalty programs, coupons, mobile payments and customer interaction.

IamOlly it is a digital credit card app for millennial that allows starting a credit experience in 180-seconds with an instant credit-limit of up to $50, upon validation of university / work email & a mobile number.

Identitii uses tokens and a distributed ledger to allow for the exchange of information for compliance.

Koibanx is focused on Asset Tokenization and Blockchain Services. Koibanx solutions cover a wide range of use cases on: Transparency, Security, Low Cost and Efficiency of Blockchain technologies.

Mulalois a free mobile app that makes saving money effortless by: 1) automatically setting aside money with everyday transactions; 2) analyzing users transactional data with AI to find further saving opportunities; 3) using a brand partnership program. helps the bank analyze person’s bank account transactions to be factored into the bank’s credit scoring models.

Orange Bird owns and operates a reward-based crowdfunding platform in Portugal, This platform has helped financing almost 700 projects in different sectors, such as entrepreneurial, cultural and social. It has raised more than 2 million euros through more than 55 thousand backers.

Pagita retrofits vending machines with the board which communicates to the mobile commerce system via 3G network enabling the user to complete a purchase using a smartphone.

Papaya POS helps clients, with Android devices, process sales with ease at the speed of light on a tablet or a smartphone; Gain insights into sales results at any time and from anywhere; and Control inventory levels.

PayThunder uses technologies ranging from Ultrasound (IP) & Geofencing on smartphones to help merchants with Marketing (promotions) and Payments.

Polygon Innovation leads innovation on biometrics authentication systems with BiometriD using voice, facial and finger recognition technology.

Quotanda‘ white-label, online student lending as a service platform enables banks, schools, and governments to quickly introduce affordable education loan programs in any country and currency.

SalaryFits technology consists of a platform, including a BI tool that integrates quickly and efficiently the salary deduction credit offers from local financial providers to the payroll systems of entities.

Securibox developed the technology to automatically collect the customers’ invoices, extract the useful data contained inside them and publish them in their accounting software.

SharePayers created a payment solution that enables users to share and manage expenses simply and without a joint account. Sharepay card instantly and directly debits the bank accounts associated to it.

SnapSwap International uses digital payments protocol to connect transactions layer with messaging layer in one unique solution – a mobile application named Gloneta.

Sofitto merges Blockchain technology into conventional banking card products.

Spindots is the first social network to exchange discounts that integrates consumers, brands and distributors in the same network which relies on web and mobile digital platforms.



Tramonex bridges the gap between blockchains and the regulated financial framework. It is an FCA-regulated international payment institution providing competitive FX spreads and a user-friendly app.